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One Stop Telecommunication Equipment

Supplier and Logistics Telecommunication

The capacity of the Akavin Group is supported by professionals who have competencies from a variety of disciplines, we are supported by proper management to obtain business in a productive and innovative manner.

Armed with professional support, the Akavin Group realized the company's goals in the field of repairing telecommunications equipment modules such as access networks (Network Access), Terminals, Power Supplies, Device Programming, Logistics and Supply of Telecommunication Equipment.

The Akavin Group is one of the original Indonesian telecommunications equipment trading companies that already have a license. To do export and import of telecommunications equipment and have a warehouse and own transportation, then has a service center located in Bekasi, Indonesia

  • Our Vision

    • Make Indonesia a trend center in the development of the telecommunications world.

    • Make Indonesia a center for the distribution of legal telecommunications equipment in the world.

    • Promote local telecommunications companies to be able to compete and host their own countries.

  • Our Mission

    • Trying to be part of the development of the world telecommunications world.

    • Become a distributor for all telecommunications equipment in Asia Pacific to multi vendors and become a service center for all the world's telecommunication equipment.

    • The Akavin Group wants to provide the best service with experience, high credibility and trust from all customers in the telecommunications sector.